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Our Look and Sound Alikes act and entertain, to recreate the best illusions in the business.

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Talent Categories

Some of the skills listed below


Celebrity Look Alikes

Live Performances , Themed Events, Privatefunctions, Galas, Fundraisers, Conventions, Festivals, Themed Parties, Photo Opportunity Meet & Greet, Red Carpet, Promotional Campaigns, Grand Openings, Private Events, Promotional Launch, or Celebrity Guests, Conventions (booth, floor, main stage.)


Historical/Political Figures – Look Alikes

Historical Reenactments, Flash backs, Political Fundraisers, Historical publications, live events.


Model – Celebrity Look Alikes

Runways, Print, Catalogues.


On Screen – Celebrity Look and Sound Alikes

Film, TV, Webisodes, Music Videos, Commercials, Print, Photo doubles, Stand-Ins, Video spoofs.


Security – Celebrity Look Alikes



Speaker/Emcee Celebrity Look and Sound Alike

Events Speakers Emcee (Master of ceremonies) Motivational Speakers.


Tribute Artists Musical Performance

Concerts, Themed Events, Openings, Private Events, Promotional Launch, Live Performances, Private functions, Galas, Fundraisers, Conventions, Festivals, Fairs.

Rock n’ Roll, Pop, Jazz, Funk, Reggie, Classical, Country etc…


Sound-Alikes Voice-Overs Artists (ADR)

Radio, Commercials, Film, TV, In-House Corporate Videos.


Talent Database

This is just an overview please contact us for even more…

  • 1500 Look Alikes Worldwide – Powerful resources – Established since 1996

Our Credentials Film/Television

We have been fortunate to work with some of the best casting directors in the film and television industry to include: Nancy Foy, Lieberman/Patton, Melissa Martin, Pixie Monroe, and Shelia Manning, Vicki Goggin and Jeff Gerard, Suzanne Broderick, Norbert Pickett to name but a few…

Since opening our doors in 1996, we have come to fill a very important niche for major productions in the movie, TV, commercial business with our professional Look Alikes now recognized as an asset to the production value as a celebrity double.


Our Fortune 500 clients include: American Express, Virgin Atlantic, Disney and The Royal Mail, Gibraltar Hotel Bowral, Cesar’s Casino Las Vegas and more…

With Private/Corporate events ranking very high on our customer satisfaction reviews