Mirror Images Co. is a highly successful Look Alike agency with locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. The company is headed by President Dorothy Findlater and boasts over 1,500 actors across the United States as well as abroad. Mirror Images Co. was established in 1996 when founder Dorothy Findlater discovered a dire lack of quality Look-Alikes within the entertainment industry. “Perhaps because of mass media, the perception of Look Alikes has changed. If they’re good, they form a connection with the audience. It’s as if people completely absorb themselves in the Look-Alikes’ illusion and feel as if they were interacting with the real celebrity,” says Findlater.


With this in mind, Findlater set out to create an agency that would become both well known for raising standards within the industry, and a stable of accomplished actors who were authentic in their appearance and professional in their performance. Her recipe paid off.


Today, her company literally reaches all four corners of the globe. Whether it’s Elvis Presley, featured in a Bose commercial; singing and dancing with Lana Del Rey; President Obama and Mitt Romney on the front page of The Atlantic; or even Jay Z’s Look Alike working on Mr. Z’s latest music video, Mirror Images Co. is behind the best Look Alikes in the business. Supplying professional actors and actresses to many facets of the entertainment business, the company’s talent appears in an abundance of commercials, print ads, webisodes and social media across the world. In a film, they appear as celebrity doubles. Additionally, many leading corporations hire for corporate events throughout the nation and internationally. As an agency, the company continues to pride itself on presenting its talent in the most professional light possible.

However, Findlater noticed a growing issue in the Look Alike business. “In a profession that is clearly maturing and gradually winning the status it deserves, these actors need protection,” Findlater comments. “Sadly, Look Alikes are often not recognized as professional actors.” Through mutual respect and professional conduct with her talent, Dorothy Findlater is out to change that and set a new industry standard.

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